Bit Brother Limited.

Bit Brother, specializes in encrypted currency, digital economy and decentralised finance. Bit Brother is committed to becoming one-stop encrypted financial service providers for digital asset transactions, digital banking, digital payments, etc., serving individual and institutional investors.
We are inspired to:

Shape a new global business system driven by world-changing technologies, where every member contributes and benefits.

Drive innovation and unleash the potential of every person, every company and every organization, boosting efficiency, inclusiveness and sustainability.

Build better society and communities by giving people all over the world easy access to innovative technologies.

Our mission is to empower people with software and blockchain technology, advancing the progress of our customers and partners.

We greatly cherish the values of inclusion, integrity and innovation, as we believe that innovation originates from inclusion and people with different backgrounds, perspectives and abilities will be able to build a strong team in which every member can do his/her best.

Our products and services will provide global businesses of all scales with software and blockchain application solutions in an efficient way, empowering traditional industries with new business models, no matter in finance, supply chain management, manufacturing, data security or digital assets exchange.

The rise of a new technology holds the prospect of a fresh round of global economic prosperity and we believe blockchain technology is such one. Join us in building a more fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent business system enabled by blockchain.





BIT BROTHER INC. msb_registration

Q1 2021
Platform position remodelled
Bit Brother established Building new team of professionals
Q2 2021
Feasibility substantiated
Operation model determined
Q3 2021
Acquisition of well-known Enterprises
Q4 2021
Future is Now

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